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In the real world, finding the right employee is never an easy task. Creation of a perfect software with staff searching algorithm is also not an easy task. But there are still niches where we do not need that. Creation of a specific algorithm with which to stand all applicants, regardless of their role and place in an organization is a step that often deforms the business and makes it poor on quality and diverse staff, because it's according to the needs and perceptions of someone else. The aviation business is vulnerable, because it directly meets with different cultures, laws and new technologies every day. is a platform that aims to simplify the connection between employer and jobseeker. We believe that everyone has some useful qualities and often behind unconventional profiles are some prominent professionals in a particular field. So everyone deserves an attention and we are against the artificial algorithmic sorting of human staff, against too much human ranking, etc. The business need workers, workers need jobs and our website is where both sides can make direct contact. Everyone is welcome in!